Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chimpoo Chatter Box Guide

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Chimpoo has released a new system to talk with friends, this system is called Chatter Box. This feature is like Facebook, We have wall, timeline and like features. If you are having difficulties to use it, i'm gonna show you a full and complete guide for it!

Where you can find chatter box option:

You can find the chatter box in right side of Chimpoo chat box

Just click on it and it will be opened 

How to post (write) on chatter box:

Its very simple, just type in the big white box (As seen in the image) and then click on post button (which is below of the box)

 And then your  post will be get post on chatter box!

How to love posts:

Its very simple, just click on the love options below the post

How to confirm the post has been loved:

When you clicked on 'love it' options, it will change to 'you loved it'

How to view my your wall:

Click on 'My Wall' options and it will take you to your wall, you can see all your posts on it!

How to view old posts:

Click on the 'see more posts' options below the chatter box

How to post smileys on chatter box:

For posting emote on chatter box, you need to show an emote on Chimpoo and it will automatically get posted on chatter box!

This is it for now, if Chimpoo makes any updated to chatter box, we will update our guide!
We'll love to hear nice comments on this post!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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