Friday, 8 June 2012

Chimpoo: How To Get Golden Bananas (GBs) Guide

Hello friends! Recently many of you guys were asking to me 'how to get Golden Bananas (GBs) on' so i thought to make a complete guide on it and describe it briefly but before you continue reading, i want to warn the kids, don't use your credit card without taking your parents permission.

Follow this steps for getting GBs

First you need to visit Chimpoo's get GBs website! You can visit it by clicking here

 After you visit the page, you first need to read the term & conditions.

After reading the terms and conditions, select the option 'I agree the terms & conditions' then select your plan. Then click on 'Buy Golden Bananas'.

 And last step! you need to fill out the following form
And again, i'm giving warning to the kids, don't use the credit card without the permission of your parents!

And if you can't buy GBs, then don't worry! sometimes gave us free GBs :D has gave GBs 3 times so far, 100 GBs in Christmas party 2010, 100 GBs in Christmas party 2011 and 100 GBs in Valentines day party 2012

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