Monday, 13 February 2012

New Project: Draw Chimpoo Finger Puppets

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Chimpoo artist wants us to draw wacky Finger Puppets. 

Draw it by following this steps :

Step 1: Click here to download (document) OR click here to download (pdf)

Step 2: Print it out.

Step 3: Place your hand on the paper and trace it out.

Step 4: Draw a Chimpoo puppet on each finger

Step 5: Scan your drawing and mail it to before 22nd Jan. coz that’s the deadline!

And the Prizes for it will be :

Chimpoo Artiste will select 3 winners!

The first prize winner will get 3000 Golden Bananas

The second prize winner will get 2000 Golden Bananas

And the third prize winner will get 1000 Golden Bananas

So hurry up and draw it!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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